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"We foster an environment where all our employees can share in the pride and satisfaction of delivering quality construction services."

About Kelley Construction

Kelley Construction has been providing quality construction services in Northeast Kansas for over twenty five years. We were incorporated in February 1992 as Kelley and Dahlstrom Construction Company. The name was changed to Kelley Construction in 1998. Company president and founder, Kevin Kelley led Kelley Construction until 2007 when he lost a hard fought battle with cancer. Jeff Griffith and Morrod Doughramaji took over the management of Kelley Construction and have maintained the qualified field and office staff that helped us build a reputation for quality and integrity, most with more than ten years with the company.

Kelley Construction completes projects of various scopes and sizes of up to $4 million. Previous clients have included universities and colleges, public school districts, hospitals, railroads, water treatment facilities, law enforcement agencies, zoos, churches, and a wide range of commercial enterprises.  Approximately 60 percent of our business is competitive bid and 40 percent is negotiated work.

While our primary goal is to satisfy the customer, we are extremely proud of the numerous awards that Kelley Construction has earned. Among them are the prestigious Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Kansas Judges Choice Award, which we have received two (1997 - Black Bear Woods; 2005 - Great Overland Station, Phase 2). We have received numerous other AGC awards and have been involved in many projects winning AIA design awards.  A national award from the American Public Works Association for the Great Overland Station was received in 2006. The recognition we are perhaps most proud of is the safety award we have received from AGC of Kansas every year we have been in business. Improved safety has resulted in lower insurance rates which are passed onto the customer.

We believe that the success of our company depends on our workers. The employees of Kelley Construction observe the following Guiding Principles.

Every employee will strive to:

  • Provide leadership on the job, in the office, in the community
  • Treat others as you wish to be treated
  • Think ahead and be prepared
  • Be flexible
  • Promote teamwork
  • Treat everyone in a fair and consistent manner
  • Improve through continued education
  • Be safe... it is a right and a responsibility
  • Stay involved in the company's improvement process
  • Remember that the success of the company is directly tied to the efforts of its employees, and that opportunities for employees are directly tied to the success of the company
  • Serve the customer by adopting a "what may I do for you" attitude
  • Draw from the experience of others and learn from mistakes

We look forward to continued growth and success and to the opportunity to work with new clients.

AGC of KansasMember of the Topeka Chamber of Commerce and the Association of General Contractors
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